Dry Shake hardener Treatments

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Super Flat Concrete

Dry shake and aggregates are cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize concrete flooring. Dry shake involves applying a dry powder mixture onto freshly poured concrete surfaces – these treatments enhance the concrete’s durability, wear resistance, and aesthetic appeal, making it ideal for industrial, commercial, and institutional projects. Aggregates are materials added to concrete mixes, that come in various forms such as steel, aluminum, quartz, and more. Each aggregate type offers distinct advantages, such as enhanced abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, or antimicrobial properties. The combination of dry shake and aggregates results in concrete flooring that is both visually stunning and built to withstand the toughest conditions.

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Browse the key features and qualities of each type of aggregate below so you can make the best decision for your flooring needs

Metal Aggregates


Best for industrial facilities, warehouses, and high-traffic locations, offering high hardness and excellent wear resistance. Steel aggregates exhibit exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact. This material is susceptible to corrosion in certain conditions.



Best for commercial buildings with a focus on aesthetics. Lightweight with good wear resistance. Aluminum is not as durable as other metal aggregates in heavy-duty industrial settings, and is not suitable for highly corrosive environments.


Best for food processing facilities and areas prone to chemical exposure, as it has excellent corrosion resistance. Not as hard or wear-resistant as steel aggregates, but suitable for areas with moderate to heavy foot traffic.


Brass Aggregates is optimal for decorative concrete applications and luxury spaces with light to moderate foot traffic. It has a unique appearance achieved through a combination of copper and zinc.



Copper aggregates are best for hospitals and places requiring antimicrobial properties. Copper is less wear-resistant than some metal aggregates, and is suitable for areas with moderate foot traffic.

Stainless Steel

Best for swimming pool decks and marine environments, as stainless steel aggregates have excellent corrosion resistance and high durability. Suitable for areas with moderate to heavy foot traffic.

non-Metal Aggregates


Best for industrial facilities and with high foot and machine traffic, as silica aggregates have excellent hardness and abrasion resistance. As well as being resistant to corrosion, silica is suitable for demanding industrial environments.



Quartz aggregates are best for decorative concrete and commercial spaces, providing an attractive appearance with various colors and sizes. They are less durable than steel or silica aggregates, but very suitable for aesthetic applications.


Alumina aggregates are best for high-temperature areas, as they offer excellent heat resistance. They are not suitable for heavy foot traffic or exposure to chemicals.


Best suited for decorative concrete and swimming pool decks, this aggregate offers a unique and sparkling appearance, making it ideal for areas with light to moderate foot traffic, but it should be protected from heavy impacts.


Colored Ceramic

Colored ceramic is best for aesthetic flooring and artistic designs, as it allows for various color customizations. Not as durable as metal or silica aggregates. Suitable for areas with light to moderate foot traffic.

Natural Stone (granite, limestone, marble)

Best for high-end residential and commercial spaces, these aggregates offer a premium appearance with various textures and colors. Generally durable to withstand moderate foot traffic, resistance to abrasion may vary depending on type of stone used.


best suited for areas with special requirements, such as chemical resistance or flexibility, as it can enhance the flooring’s properties based on the specific polymer used. It varies in specific resistances and durability, offering improved chemical resistance or flexibility compared to traditional aggregates.


Trust Tri-Con and our expert craftsmen for your super flat concrete floor installation! Key features and benefits include:

Compliance with Industry Standards

Compliance with industry standards, such as ACI’s F-number system or DIN 15185, is crucial. The flooring must be free from undulations, irregularities, and disruptions to support precise and reliable movement, minimize accidents, and optimize equipment performance.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Super flat flooring requires a level and smooth surface to meet the needs of automated systems, material handling equipment, and storage systems – thus reducing the risk of accidents and preventing wear and tear.

Durability and longevity for industrial environments

Super flat flooring enhances aesthetics, ensures stability for high-bay racking, enables proper adhesion of coatings, and accommodates specialized equipment.

Excellent aesthetics

Our flawless finish provides a clean and professional appearance with customizable options. Choose from a range of decorative options, including coloured aggregates and polished finishes.


Unrivaled precision

Extraordinary levelness, exceptional level of smoothness to minimize the risk of equipment vibrations, jolts, or misalignments

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