Ice Rinks

Crafting High-Performance Ice Rinks with Concrete Expertise!

Experience ice rink excellence – our skilled craftsmen understand the intricate requirements of creating high-performance concrete surfaces. From precise levelling to temperature considerations, our expertise ensures flawlessly executed installations for an optimal skating experience.

With a focus on quality, safety, and durability, we deliver exceptional results through our vast experience in concrete finishing. Trust us to create a smooth, level, resilient surface tailored to the needs of ice rinks. Our knowledge and dedication to excellence will turn a regular ice rink into a world-class facility.

Trust Tri-Con and our expert craftsman for your Ice Rink installation.

Key features and benefits include:

High-Performance Surfaces

  • Our skilled craftsmen create precise levelling and temperature considerations to ensure a high-performance surface for skating. 

Uncompromised Safety

  • Tri-Con delivers exceptional results that prioritize the safety of skaters. 
  • The resilient and precisely levelled surfaces minimize the risk of accidents, providing a safe environment for everyone.

Long-lasting Durability

  • Our in-depth knowledge of concrete properties and finishing techniques ensures a reliable surface that withstands rigorous, constant use to maintain its quality for years.

Custom Solutions

  • By considering temperature and moisture considerations, we create custom flooring solutions that cater to the distinct requirements of every ice rink facility. 

Tri-Con is here to help you discover the best type of flooring for your project and specific business needs. Reach out to our team of experts for a consultation today!