Liquid Hardened Surface Concrete Treatment

Strength Reinvented: Experience the resilience of Tri-Con’s Liquid Hardened Surface Treatments!

Liquid Hardened Surface Concrete

Enhance concrete durability, strength, and performance with Liquid Hardened Surface Treatment.

The high-quality formula penetrates and chemically reacts with concrete surfaces, creating a hardened and abrasion-resistant finish. It bonds and fortifies the surface against wear and tear. This will increase abrasion resistance, extend service life, and offer protection against spills and staining.

We also provide custom treatment options for slip resistance or decorative finishes.

Trust our team at Tri-Con for exceptional, industry-leading results.

Liquid Hardened Surface Concrete

Trust Tri-Con and our expert craftsmanship for your Liquid Hardened Surface Concrete Treatment.

Key features and benefits include:

Enhanced Durability

  • Liquid Hardened Surface Concrete Treatment improves  resistance to abrasion, impact, and wear & tear to extend the service life of your concrete.  

Chemical Protection

  • This treatment enhances the concrete’s resistance to chemical spills, staining, and degradation in areas that experience harmful chemical exposure.

Easy Maintenance

  • The hardened surface created by the treatment reduces dusting for a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

Versatile Application

  • Liquid Hardened Surface Concrete Treatment can be applied to various commercial, industrial, and institutional settings. 
  • Ideal for areas with heavy traffic and chemical exposure.
  • Suitable for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parking garages, showrooms, and more.

Customizable Design

  • This treatment can be customized with additional features like slip resistance and decorative finishes. This allows for tailored solutions that meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

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