These services can be combined to produce an Ultra High Performance Tri-Con Concrete floor that surpasses the most stringent specifications





Joint-Free Concrete Floors

Also know as an Extended Joint Slab or Seamless Floor, Tri-Con offers excellent seemless floors without control joints.

super flat concrete flooring

Super Flat Concrete flooring is the ultimate choice for industrial performance, aesthetics, and high racking needs of safety.

DIAMOND POLISHED Concrete flooring

With its exceptional durability and sleek aesthetic appeal, this flooring solution is perfect for high-traffic areas that demand long-lasting performance.

Steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC)

Tri-Con’s SFRC can handle heavy loads and withstand demanding conditions, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your structures.

Ice Rinks

Experience ice rink excellence with Tri-Con’s precision-crafted concrete surfaces, delivering top-tier performance and visual appeal for an exceptional skating experience.

Liquid Hardened Surface Concrete Treatment

Transform your concrete surfaces with Tri-Con’s Liquid Hardened Surface Treatment, enhancing durability, strength, and resilience through a high-quality formula.

Dry Shake Concrete Hardeners

Revolutionize your concrete flooring with Dry Shake Concrete Hardeners enhancing durability, wear resistance, and aesthetics for industrial, commercial, and institutional projects by incorporating a range of specialized aggregates.

Concrete Formwork

Formwork plays a critical role in ensuring poured concrete takes the desired shape, meets the right dimensions, and has the strength to support maximum structural loads.